Elearning Honorable Mention: Great Information on the BASC-2

BASC-2 Learning UnitMany people haven’t heard of the Behavior Assessment System for Children (BASC-2), but this is a great assessment tool for online professors and counselors who work in primary and secondary educational settings, and/or who work with children.

Just a brief search in Google shows that there’s not much information or training out there other than what’s on the the publishers website (Pearson). So I just wanted to take minute to point out a great resource for those looking for information on the BASC-2.

Head over to this BASC-2 website.

There, you will not only find some great free information, you will also find a video tutorial put together by professors and counselors giving people an overview of the BASC 2.

Good training is often hard to find (especially at a good price), so I just like to honor those “making it happen in education” when I get a chance.

Here’s what’s covered on the website:

  • Get a better understanding about the BASC-2 by watching the BASC-2 in a Nutshell Video
  • Get basic knowledge about the BASC-2 with the free handout
  • Select and read one or more summaries about the BASC-2 to broaden your understanding about the functions and usages of the BASC-2.
  • Complete activities to analyze and synthesize information about the BASC 2.

You can find information on the BASC-2 video on this page.

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